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Posted on sabato, gennaio 12, 2013 in ODI

Link for E-Learning

In this website you will find a lot of links with a treasure of videolectures especialy in the field of IT.
The majour part of the videocourses are in English but you can find some in Italian.
I hope that i am helping you and GOOD STUDY!!!

We are in collaboration with EXSISS and i want to send a special thanks for their help in permitting  me to use their products for my test.

I appreciate Mini ITX EXSISS provide to me. Amazing performances of my Hardware and no problem with Liquid Cooling system that you installed on the Custom Case i had. I’m sorry i can’t let you post images of that but it’s still a Beta Project. I’m pretty sure it will come out soon on the market with every benefits we had imagined together. Special Thanks to you for been so fastand professional on building it, for your offishness on the whole project untill now that we’re almost ready to launch it. Fast and safe deliverance. Some of the best people i had pleasure to work with.

Dr.Altin Uku Expert in Business Intelligence

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